7 Advanced IVF Treatment Options

IVF Treatment

7 Advanced IVF Treatment Options

When talking about conceiving issues, you need to understand that couples who are unable to enjoy parenthood due to some medical reasons look for other options to conceive. 

Starting with the treatment, it is always best to visit the best IVF clinic in Mumbai to know about the issues that you are facing and find the right method to get yourself treated. 

Some of the advanced options that can be tried to achieve pregnancy are stated below.


Intracytoplasmic Injection

The technique of intracytoplasmic injection is used when the sperm is unable to penetrate the outer layer of the egg and go inside. 

To overcome this issue, scientists have developed this method where a single sperm can be directly injected into the egg. 

This process is carried out when the male partner has low sperm count or low motility or is unable to attach to the egg.


Frozen Embryo Transfer

If you visit your IVF doctor in Mumbai, you will get to know that the frozen embryo transfer procedure is administered when the couples have a surplus of viable embryos after a successful round of IVF. Once the desired number of embryos are implanted, the rest of them are frozen for later use. This allows you to conceive another child in the future. 

FET can also be used in conjunction with a standard IVF cycle – instead of immediately transferring the fertilized embryos to the uterus after development, the embryos are frozen while the recipient’s body and hormone levels recover from the IVF process. As such, FET may improve the chances of having a successful pregnancy.


Assisted Hatching

A protective layer of cells called zona pellucida is formed around the embryo as it grows. It breaks through this shell before getting implanted into the uterine wall. 

When developed in the laboratory, the specialists create a small hole in the shell before transferring it to the female’s body. 

This process is termed assisted hatching and often increases the chances of pregnancy among women.


Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)

This process is carried out before the transfer of the embryo into the female body in order to detect genetic abnormalities in the embryo if any. The PGT-A determines chromosome abnormalities, PGT-M reveals certain genetic conditions, and PGT-SR helps to know structural rearrangements of chromosomes. PGT-A is often recommended for those who have suffered previous miscarriages and/or have older children with chromosome abnormalities. If either you, your partner, or members of either of your families are known to carry a single-gene condition, such as cystic fibrosis, you may want to consider PGT-M.



There are cases in which the female is able to produce viable eggs but unable to provide the optimum environment for embryo development. In such cases, the employment of or surrogate mother is advisable.



When you consult the best IVF doctor in Mumbai, you will be able to know that embryo scope is a technique designed for observing embryo growth regularly to make some accurate assessments. 

It is a time-lapse technology that allows continuous observation in an undisturbed culture. 


Electronic Witnessing

With the help of this advanced technique, the doctors are able to take care of the sperms, ovums as well as embryos. Equipped with the ‘track and trace’ system, this system is beneficial to both the patients as well as the doctors. Overall, the technique ensures that the treatment is fully safe, viable, and successful.



You must get in touch with a qualified and experienced doctor that can help you with the entire process. Visit the best IVF clinics in Mumbai to ensure you receive the best treatments with advanced technology.

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