Step By Step Guide To IUI Procedure

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Step By Step Guide To IUI Procedure

With the increasing fertility issues, the number of treatments has also increased all over the globe. A lot of procedures like IVF, IUI, and ICSI have been developed to deal with the issues that keep on rising continuously. To deal with issues like these, you must visit the best IUI centre in Mumbai to get the right information and treatment. 

Before visiting any IUI clinics in Mumbai, you must try conducting thorough research on the topic. You must look for the reviews that the place has got and the years of experience that the doctor has got. This will help you to get an idea about the kind of services a particular clinic offers. 

You should know that IUI is helpful in dealing with issues of poor cervical mucus, chronic cervical inflammation (cervicitis), or even cervical scarring. Also, you need to pay attention to the symptoms developing and get cured as soon as possible. Among males, issues like mild sperm abnormalities may develop that causes issues in conceiving. 

Here Is A Basic Step By Step Guide To How IUI Treatment Takes Place 

Stimulating Egg Growth 

The first step to begin with in IUI clinics is to stimulate egg growth. It is done with the help of oral or injectable medication and this will help in the maturation of the eggs as well. The injections are given subcutaneously and are particularly applied to the areas having a considerable amount of fat like thighs or stomachs. 

The time duration for oral medicines is 5 days while injections need to be taken for nearly 8 to 12 days. After the medication, it is observed how the ovaries react to them.

Performing Ultrasounds

Once the egg stimulation is done, ultrasound is done every 2 to 3 days if you are receiving injections. It is used to monitor the egg development process. Apart from ultrasound, the specialist at the IUI centre in Mumbai will also conduct some blood tests to make sure that progress is being made in the right direction. 

Inducing Ovulation

As the egg ripens, the hormones administered help to stimulate ovulation in around 36 hours. The male partner provides a sperm sample which is then put to testing in the laboratories and seen if it is fit for fusion. These are concentrated into small samples.


The specialist will perform the insemination while the female lies. The sperm is injected into the uterus with the help of a thin, long, flexible catheter. The process is not painful and it just takes a few seconds to get it completed. It is done carefully and made sure that the process gets completed. 

Follow Ups 

Once the ovulation takes place, the doctor usually checks for progesterone levels and keeps an eye on other hormonal changes as well. When the pregnancy is confirmed, other blood tests are also involved in follow up.

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