Happiness Is Now Within Budget – 5 Tips For Budgeting An IVF Treatment


Happiness Is Now Within Budget – 5 Tips For Budgeting An IVF Treatment

Couples in need of reproductive help often choose in vitro fertilization (IVF). It has become the go-to fertility treatment with more than 280,000 ART cycles every year. The treatment process is surging in popularity, and so is the test tube baby cost in India. Since IVF treatment brings in high financial prices, many clinics are working on reducing costs. Nevertheless, fertility treatment requires sound financial planning.

Cost Of IVF Treatment And How To Budget

On average, IVF treatment can cost up to Rs 1.5 lakh per cycle. Usually, the procedure requires 2-3 cycles for a successful, full-term pregnancy. So, hopeful patients must have a budget or financial plan if they want to have an IVF treatment soon. Mentioned below are vital tips for financially planning a successful IVF treatment.

  1. Reverse Engineer All Your IVF Costs

The essential step to budgeting a fertility treatment is to keep the end in mind. A couple needs to get an estimate for the value of the procedure long before starting the first IVF cycle. Consider that the starting point and calculate how much the cost is going to be per month, leading up to the time the process starts. Having calculated the monthly figure, hopeful parents will know exactly how much money needs to be invested to cover the full cost of IVF treatment. Create an achievable budget with the value in hand, keeping income and expenses in mind.

2. Automate Savings Into A Separate Baby Fund

Most Indians struggle to come up with Rs 1 lakh. So, how can couples hope to save funds for IVF? Well, a smart practice is to automate savings directly into a baby fund. The strategy will eliminate the need to create willpower that is needed to maintain a monthly budget. Sending recurring payments into a baby fund every month will make it compulsory for IVF hopefuls to get creative and mindful of spending the cash that is left.

3. Reduce Impulse Purchases

It has been seen that impulse buying accounts for a significant portion of a couple’s spending habits every month. A couple needs to set their priorities straight and get conscious of their impulse buying habits. Take stock of the things you unnecessarily spend on every month and curtail such costs. 

More stressed people are prone to make more impulse purchases. IVF and fertility issues are particularly quite stressful and increase the temptation to spend more on self-care. Saving funds for an expensive treatment requires couples to exercise self-discipline. So, a couple would have to stop making those small purchases and saving that money over time.

4. Pour Extra Income Into A Baby Fund

If you can see some extra cash coming towards you anytime soon, then make sure you transfer that surplus cash into your baby fund. Such an unpredicted source of income will get you closer to your IVF goal much faster than you had expected. 

Some sources of extra cash could be tax refunds, pay raises, dividend payments, etc. Another thing couples can do is earn some side income by making use of some of their talents for a short period. One can take up writing projects or live singing projects if they have such skills. It will only make the budgeting easier and allow you to invest in a cheap test tube baby in Mumbai where the IVF services are relatively less expensive in some clinics. 

5. Track Progress

Keeping a regular track of your expenses is the most effective way to stick to your budget plan. Go one step further of automating a set amount and look into your costs to find room for further saving. You might find a few hidden expenses, so use online budgeting tools to keep track of your income, savings, and costs. Use the collected data to cut down on unnecessary expenses that might be found.

Following the steps mentioned above will make you realize that paying for your IVF treatment is well within your reach. With a few practical changes, a couple can cover one or more IVF cycles. A couple must also consider opportunities given by pharmacy benefit programs that provide financial assistance to patients undergoing fertility treatments. The aid is usually given in the form of discounts on medication and coupons. So, please speak with your nearest clinic about their patient support system for meeting IVF goals.


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