How To Make IVF More Effective?

How To Make IVF More Effective?

How To Make IVF More Effective?

Looking at the present scenario, the taboo associated with IVF treatment is quite low. Couples who find it hard to conceive can opt for IVF treatment. This treatment has led to several healthy pregnancies and its success rate has made it a popular choice among couples. The babies born through IVF treatment are completely healthy and have good body weight. 

When talking about conceiving issues, you need to understand that couples who are unable to enjoy parenthood due to some medical reasons look for other options to conceive. Starting with the treatment, it is always best to visit the best IVF hospital in Mumbai to know about the issues that you are facing and find the right method to get yourself treated. 

If you visit one of the best IVF hospitals in Mumbai, you will find that females suffering from issues of endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, or premature ovarian failure can cope up with the help of IVF. Also, it is helpful for men facing fertility problems. Well, some of the ways in which the process of IVF can be made more effective are mentioned below. 

Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

The couples who wish to attain parenthood are always told to maintain their lifestyle and lead a healthy life. If one of the partners is into the habit of smoking, it can reduce the chances of conceiving to a great extent. Also, if you are overweight or underweight, it may also lead to several complications. Therefore, maintaining a healthy and balanced body weight becomes important. 

You must follow a healthy diet and exercise in order to maintain your body weight. Do not exercise excessively as it can hamper your fertility. 

Use of Supplements

Often, food cannot provide you with all the nutrients required for maintaining your fertility. Your doctor from IVF hospital can suggest an intake of zinc, folic acid, and omega 3 fatty acids. These supplements can improve the IVF success rate. 

Avoiding Stress

When you are unable to conceive and are tired of trying out various fertility options, it may exhaust you and affect your mental well-being. In such situations, you need to de-stress and focus your mind on the ongoing procedure. Your mind and body must be relaxed and at peace before beginning the procedure. Also, if you want to take a break, you can visit a place where you can unwind, relax, and rejuvenate yourself. 

Avoid Ejaculation

This is especially for men who are required to donate sperm, men should not ejaculate for about 1 to 2 days before beginning the procedure. Avoiding ejaculation will help in enhancing the quality of sperms. Therefore, this is a precaution that will help in improved fertility. 

Apart from this, working on a diet is equally important. Consumption of unhealthy food leads to deterioration of egg and sperm quality. You must cut on excess starchy or sugary food items. Try to consume fresh veggies and fruits along with legumes, lean protein, as well as monounsaturated fats.


It is important to visit the best IVF hospital in Mumbai to make sure that you get proper information on the fertility procedures available and know what will work for you the best. It is always better to conduct proper research before beginning with anything.

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