IUI Treatment: Things To Consider

IUI Treatment: Things To Consider

IUI Treatment: Things To Consider

If you are facing fertility issues and have opted to go for IUI treatment upon doctor’s consultation then you must need to know everything about it. While beginning with any procedure, it is important to have detailed information about it and get your queries or doubts solved at the earliest. Based on your medical conditions, you need to know how successful the procedure will be and will it harm you in any way.

Intrauterine Insemination

When you visit the IUI centres, you will get to know that it is a special infertility treatment that involves placing the male partner’s sperm into the female’s womb while she is ovulating. From the male sample, the toxic, sluggish, or non-motile sperms are removed and the good quality sperms are selected for insemination. These sperms are simply placed inside the uterus and are expected to increase the chances of fertilization. 

Before the sperms are ready to be placed, it must be ensured that the female fallopian tubes are open and healthy. Also, their reproductive system must also be checked for any kind of infection. With the use of a hysterosalpingogram, such issues and other hormonal problems can be identified. It is a form of X-ray that can be used to detect infections or blockages. 

Further, it must be made clear by the IUI clinics that this procedure is different from in-vitro fertilization. It is much simpler and is good for females who are not dealing with some serious fertility issues.

When is IUI Referred To?

IUI is a good option for single women, couples who are facing issues in conceiving, and couples of the same gender. If you are dealing with unexplained fertility problems or the female is suffering from mild endometriosis, IUI is a good option for you. If being partners, you are unable to have sexual intercourse due to issues like some physical disabilities, injuries, or premature ejaculations then IUI can be a better option for you.

If the partner is suffering from HIV then he/she can transmit the infection to whom they are in relation or even the unborn child. So, it is better to go with the IUI treatment at the best clinics. The treatment is also preferred in cases of semen allergy. 

Often the success rates provided on treating infertility can mislead you. The clinics may do this to allure the patients but the success actually depends on your medical health and the age you bear, therefore, do not get fooled by anyone.

Your infertility issues don’t have to stay limited to a single procedure. Apart from IVF, there are many other techniques present in the medical field like PGD, PGS, and Embryoscope to treat the conceiving issues. The doctors guide you on what to do and which method to opt for. 

What Leads To Successful IUI Treatment?

To make sure that you achieve success while going through the IUI treatment, you must follow a healthy lifestyle. Do ensure that your meal contains all the nutrients required by the body and you continue doing regular exercises. Also, limit the intake of caffeine so that you do not face any complexities. The specialists at IUI clinics will ask you to avoid consuming alcohol and quit smoking if you are a regular one. 

Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned details, you can ensure the safe and successful execution of this procedure.

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