Surrogate In India A Blessing For Infertile Couples

Surrogate In India A Blessing For Infertile Couples

Surrogacy is said to be a process in which an anonymous woman delivers a child for a couple who cannot conceive. The woman who delivers the baby is called as the surrogate mother. Surrogacy clinics in India will truly aid in emphasizing the issue of the surrogate. It is not easy to be a surrogate; it takes a brave heart to do this act. While choosing surrogacy as a measure to treat infertility specific points for the apt surrogate need to be kept in mind. 

A surrogate mother will nourish the baby of a couple for nine long months in her womb. She readily agrees to give away the baby to the intended parents who are the infertile couple. right after the delivery. The significant advantage of this process of surrogacy is that the embryo is created using the male’s sperm and females egg; this means that the newborn will have the genetics of the intended parents. Not every other method of treating infertility permits that.

There are two significant forms of surrogacy that are known and are as follows;

  1. The traditional surrogacy

Here, a woman is artificially inseminated with the father’s or donor’s sperm. The child will have the genetics of intended parents. 

  1. Gestational surrogacy

This method does not permit to have a baby that will genetically belong to the intended parents. In gestational surrogacy, if the mother or father have not been able to produce healthy eggs or sperm respectively then a donor egg or sperm donor is used.

A Surrogate mother in Mumbai undergoes either of these methods after proper analysis from the doctor. Choosing the correct surrogate to deliver the baby is very important as she is the one who has to carry a pregnancy to full terms. Here are some guidelines for a surrogate mother;

  1. Should not be above the age of 35-40 years. 
  2. Should enjoy been pregnant rather than taking it up as a burden. 
  3. Should be immune from any kind of diseases or infections.
  4. Should have delivered a child before any history of complications in pregnancy before.

Out of all these factors, age is the primary concern as age plays a central role in deciding if surrogacy will be successful. Surrogate mother cost in India will be comprehensive of all the medical expenses, including the travelling and clothing charges of the surrogate mother. The couple will pay fees from the starting to the end of the treatment.

Surrogate in India is a legal procedure; in many countries, commercial surrogacy is an offence to the law. The surrogate mother in Mumbai has a big heart to light up someone else’s life without expecting anything in return. The crucial thing to always keep in mind is that for any surrogacy to be successful, the surrogate’s age plays a vital role. Younger females are believed to be in better physical health than a middle-aged female.

We may conclude that the surrogate mother in Mumbai does a philanthropic work by giving birth to a child for the infertile couple. Surrogacy clinics in India always consider the age factor.

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