Weight and Infertility

As the best fertility clinic in Mumbai may have told you if you are not the right weight it can have a bad effect on your chances of having a child one day. This includes both women and men and is also applicable for both overweight and underweight people. Depending on which side of the scale you happen to your body would produce either less or more hormones than what is necessary. If you are a woman these hormones regulate ovulation. If you are a man, it would disrupt the production of sperm. In the case of some women gaining weight is regarded as a sign of hormonal imbalance. 

How to know if you have the right weight?

If you visit the best fertility centre in Mumbai it would always stress the importance of having the right weight. Now, how do you know that you have the right weight? A common way to measure weight is BMI (body mass index). It provides a measurement of your weight concerning your height. If you have a BMI between 18.5 and 25 it is said to be healthy. If you have a very high BMI – one greater than 35 – it could decrease your fertility. 

The relationship between PCOS and infertility

As the best fertility centre in India would tell you if you are suffering from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) it could make you infertile. This is a hormonal condition that affects around 20 percent of the women in the reproductive age. It can affect your capability to ovulate and lose weight. There are also plenty of women these days who are suffering from PCOS and have developed insulin resistance as well. This means that their body starts to become a depository for fat, and this leads to weight gain as well.       

How can a fertility clinic help you in this regard?

The best fertility clinic in Mumbai can help you a lot when it comes to becoming fertile irrespective of suffering from conditions such as these. It is not as if all women who are suffering from PCOS find it difficult to conceive. However, in case you are struggling to do so, these clinics can help you significantly. They do this by helping manage the condition in such a way that you can conceive, and your pregnancy is a healthy one as well. At a basic level, we help you make positive changes to your lifestyle. 


In any case, if you are experiencing any issues in becoming pregnant you can be sure that the best fertility centre in Mumbai would be able to help you in a great way. It could be that you are experiencing a delay in this regard. This is where a fertility specialist can help you so much. They can perform a detailed medical assessment of the kind of condition that you are in. They run several tests for this, and they also consider your medical history. For example, if you are a woman this means that you may have to undergo an ultrasound scan.

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