Donor Egg/ Donor Sperm/ Donor Embryo

Egg Donation:

If a woman is unable to get pregnant with her own oocytes due to various reasons like menopause, premature ovarian failure, post chemotherapy where ovaries of the mother are affected, Congenital anomaly issues making the woman unable to produce eggs due to lack of ovaries, Low quality of ovarian response – poor ovarian reserve/ low AMH , Genetic issues causing low-quality egg production or age factor, the infertile couple then seeks a woman who would donate eggs anonymously.

The ideal candidate for the egg donation process should be between 23 and 33 years of age and should be free from medical or genetic illnesses. Donors undergo a thorough gynecological checkup to rule out cysts, myomas, polyps, and other abnormalities in the reproductive organs. The donor is also tested to confirm that they are free of sexually transmissible diseases like HIV, HCV, hepatitis and syphilis. Their blood group and Rh factor are also checked.

The patients can choose donors based on blood group, height, skin colour, hair and eye colour.
These eggs are fertilized with the husband’s sperm and then implanted in the womb of the desired mother. The intended mother is treated with hormonal therapy to ensure the uterus is ready for implantation.

What are the benefits of using an Egg Donor for IVF Treatment?

IVF treatment with the help of egg donors has been a gift to couples who have been longing for conceiving but couldn’t due to ovarian problems in the female. With the help of egg donors, now women at any age or fertility rate can conceive.

What is the Success rate of Egg Donor IVF?

The donor IVF with donor egg success rate in India is 70-80% on average.

Sperm Donation:

Many individuals who may not have otherwise been able to conceive due to male factor infertility are able to achieve their dream of becoming a parent via donor sperm insemination.

Donor sperm is a form of what’s called “third-party reproduction.” In this case, the third-party is the donor whose sperm is being used. Couples using donor sperm may choose to use sperm from an anonymous donor.

Donor sperm can be used with IVF/ICSI or IUI.
If you are using a sperm donor with your ICSI/IVF procedure, you will still administer fertility medications to prepare your eggs for retrieval. Once retrieved, your eggs will be combined with the donor sperm and the resulting embryos will be transferred back to your uterus for implantation.

For women undergoing IUI, the sperm is inserted directly into her uterus around the time of ovulation to enhance fertilization of the egg.

Who needs a Sperm Donor?

  • men whose sperm is unlikely to fertilize an eg
  • men who produce little or no sperm
  • men with a family history of genetic disease
  • men with past vasectomy or testicular failure
  • men undergoing treatment for cancer

Embryo Donation

Embryo donation is a procedure by which embryos created by donor sperm and donor egg is transferred into the uterus of a woman who cannot produce her own eggs and the husband also cannot produce normal healthy sperms. Embryos are specially created for the recipient couple by taking a donor oocyte (anonymous) and a donor sperm (anonymous). Such an embryo is anonymous. This is followed by the placement of such embryos into the recipient woman’s uterus to achieve a pregnancy and childbirth.

Who Needs an Embryo Donation in India?

Untreatable infertility involving both partners

Recurrent pregnancy loss with embryonic cause

Genetic disorders affecting both partners

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