Our Surrogacy Treatment

What is Surrogacy ?

Surrogacy or Surrogate means substitute. In medical terminology surrogacy indicates an arrangement whereby a woman agrees to carry a pregnancy as a substitute for another individual who can not, either through artificial insemination or by surgical implantation of a fertilized ovum or embryo.

It is an arrangement whereby a woman agrees to become pregnant and deliver a child for a contracted party. She may be the child’s genetic mother (the more traditional form of surrogacy not permitted in India), or she may, as a gestational carrier, carry the pregnancy to delivery after having been implanted with an embryo.

Criteria For Surrogacy :

  • Age between 21 & 35 years old.
  • A non smoker, on drug user who maintained a healthy life style.
  • Must have successfully carried at least one child of your own term. In a stable living situation.
  • If married, have a spouse who’s supportive of your decision to become a surrogate mother.
  • Have a healthy, weight/height ratio.
  • Willing to give up caffeine, alcohol for the duration of the pregnancy.

Legal Issues In Surrogacy :

The agreement will clearly state that the surrogate does not intend on parenting any resulting children & does not wish to have physical or legal custody of any children. The surrogacy agreement will also define the right & responsibilities of the assisted parents. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate is not biologically related to any resulting children.

The recent Surrogacy ruling by the Supreme Court permits Surrogacy in India for only Indian nationals residing in India, married for atleast 5 years. Only altruistic surrogacy is allowed.

Check out what our patients got to say regarding the Surrogacy

Mrs. S
Mrs S had a type of birth defect called Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome. As there is no uterus she could not bear her child . The couple approached us and with a suitable surrogate an IVF was carried out by using eggs from Mrs S and her husband’s sperm and placing the embryo into the womb of the surrogate .The surrogate delivered a bony baby at term and  finally their parenthood dream was realized at the most affordable cost.
Mrs Chouhan
Mrs Chouhan 38 year old from Mumbai, India tried three attempts of Donor egg IVF as she had poor egg reserve. Her uterus had few adhesions for which multiple surgeries had been done to release and open up the cavity. Her uterus did not develop good Lining (endometrium) even with high dose medications. She opted for IVF with Donor egg and Surrogate transfer. The procedure was successful and they have completed their family
Mrs Hemangi
Mrs Hemangi a young professional suffered from a kidney condition for which she was unfit to a carry a pregnancy. She underwent surrogacy in our clinic with use to her own eggs and husband’s sperm and transfer of the embryo into a surrogate womb. Successful pregnancy was achieved in the second attempt.

When couples who cannot have child due to any condition of the uterus which cannot carry a pregnancy to term such as absent, small uterus, severe intrauterine adhesions, or repeated miscarriages for no apparent reason. Certain medical condition where the female is not fit to carry pregnancy such as heart disease or renal disease which may threaten the life of the woman, provided she is fit enough to look after the child after birth and life expectancy is reasonable.

The couples commissioning the process are called “Intended father and mother”

Yes you can. We will run through her tests and if fit she can become your surrogate

Gestational Surrogate is essentially a carrier where the eggs are from the “intended mother “ or anonymous Donor. Traditional Surrogacy is when the egg is that of the surrogate. Only Gestational surrogacy is legal in India

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