Fertility Preservation Services

Preserving your fertility involves freezing your eggs, sperm, embryos or reproductive tissue so that you can hopefully have a biological family in the future.

 Cryopreservation of sperm ,embryos and oocytes has become an essential service for infertility treatment in terms of fertility preservation. At Aarush IVF and Endoscopy Centre you are assured of proper storage of your gametes/ embryo in the most conducive environment .

What is Vitrification?

freezingVitrification (Freezing) comes from the Latin word vitrum, meaning glass. Vitrification is the process whereby the solution containing the gametes/embryos is cooled so quickly that the structure of the water molecules doesn’t have time to form ice crystals and instantaneously solidifies into a glass-like structure.

Unlike previous slow freeze methods, which took up to two hours to lower the embryo to the correct temperature, vitrification takes just a few minutes. The gametes/embryo is suspended in a very small volume of fluid on the end of a small flat specialised vitrification device. The device with the gametes/embryo is lowered onto a metal block that has been cooled by liquid nitrogen where the fluid containing the gametes/embryo hardens into a small glassy bead.

The most difficult part of freezing any cellular tissue such as embryos or eggs is that the water content within the cells form ice crystals during the freezing process which are very detrimental to the health of the cells. With the vitrification process, the addition of a cryoprotectant allows water to be cooled until it hardens like glass without any ice crystals forming. Therefore, vitrification in IVF can allow freezing of spare embryos (and eggs) with better post-thaw survival rates and higher pregnancy rate. At Aarush IVF & Endoscopy center we are very selective as to the quality and grade of embryos we freeze. Only better quality embryos will be able to endure the stress of the freeze and thaw process. Despite our selectivity, approximately 40-50% of patients undergoing IVF at Aarush IVF & Endoscopy center have at least few high quality embryo to freeze after a fresh IVF cycle.

Why preserve fertility ?

  • If you have been detected with Cancer and will start treatment
  • If you are in armed forces
  • If you are not ready to plan a family

When there are additional embryos formed in a IVF/ICSI cycle , after transfer of the necessary embryos, the extra embryos can be vitrified for use later. Also in some kinds of cycle where fresh embryo transfer cannot be carried out such as :

  • Many eggs retrieved (Hyperstimulation)
  • Poor endometrium (thin) or polyp or bleeding
  • Certain kinds of stimulation protocols in poor responders where embryos are accumulated and frozen for transfer later.

In such cases the embryos are vitrified on Day 3 or 5 and stored until further use is necessary . By doing so, one can avoid repeating the entire stimulation and egg retrieval process for future attempts.

For using the frozen embryos , the uterus needs to be prepared by giving Estrogen tablets . This results in good Endometrial development . Once the endometrium is ready (which is confirmed by Sonography and Color Doppler ) , injectable Progesterone is given along with it and embryos are transferred after thawing as per the schedule .Patient continues the support medications post transfer and takes the pregnancy test after 12-15 days

We provide services for egg freezing. Young professionals who wish to preserve their fertility and also in cases of unmarried cancer afflicted women can avail of the facility. As the main determinant of a good embryo is good egg quality, freezing eggs at younger age will retain the quality as compared to fresh stimulation later in life. There is a definite role of fertility preservation in Cancer detected patients before start of chemo or radiotherapy as with newer treatments survival of Cancer patients is now better.

In case where giving semen sample for the fertility treatment (IUI/IVF) at the clinic is a problem or when husband is traveling and not available during the treatment cycle his sperm sample can be frozen for use at the stipulated time of the cycle. It is also indicated in fertility preservation of males affected with cancer

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