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female-obeseAarush IVF & Endoscopy Centre runs an obesity clinic wherein, we provide facilities like:

  • Body fat analysis (by Karada Scan) This machine gives the patient an accurate measurement of total body fat percentage, visceral body fat, skeletal muscle percentage, body mass index (BMI), basal metabolic rate (BMR) and actual body age.
  • Diet counselling & Exercise
  • A proper diet plan is advised as per the patient’s lifestyle, eating habits, socio-cultural habits which will help the patient to maintain his/her ideal body weight. Along with diet, certain exercises for future weight maintenance are also advised.
  • Obesity therapy; which includes : BODYLINER (Electronic muscle stimulator) – which helps in body trimming and firming, figure correction for men and women. CELLOTHERM HEAT (Deep heat therapy) – which helps in stimulating the body metabolism in specific areas and helps in burning of “targeted fat cells”. This therapy increases the body temperature and provides chemical energy to increase the fat cell metabolism.
  • Drug therapy Clients can be put on certain medication to help them reduce their weight.

Why is weight reduction important in obese patients before fertility treatment ?

Obesity has effects over all aspects of fertility treatment.

  • Response to stimulation of eggs may be dampened , higher dose usage , high risk to anesthesia.
  • In addition medical problems like Diabetes and High Blood pressure have increased incidence in obese patients.
  • Reduced chances of conception I obese patients.
  • High chances of abortion , preterm labor in obese patients.

Hence it is desirable to reduce weight prior to starting fertility treatment.

Discuss with our experts on what is the target weight and how it can be achieved.

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