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Are you looking for some of the top IVF clinics in Mumbai, Mira road centre to deal with your pregnancy issues? Well, Aarush IVF and Endoscopy Center is here to provide solutions to all your problems. Being one of the leading and best IVF centres in India, we provide the best and the latest treatments to our patients and help them achieve the state of parenthood.

What is IVF?

IVF is a type of fertility treatment where fertilisation takes place outside of the body. It’s suitable for people with a wide range of fertility issues and is one of the most commonly used and successful treatments available for many people, in Mumbai ,India .

It involves collecting a woman’s eggs and fertilising them manually with sperm in the lab. The embryo is allowed to develop for between two and five  days and is then transferred back to the woman’s womb to hopefully continue to a successful birth.

Often several embryos will be created through fertilising the eggs. In these cases, you can choose to freeze the embryos. These can then be used if the  first cycle is unsuccessful or if you want to try for another baby.

Our experienced and certified IVF doctors in Mumbai at Mira road centre collect the eggs from the female body and fuse them with the sperm in a petri dish in the laboratory manually.

Who needs IVF ?

  • When female partner has damaged fallopian tubes
  • Endometriosis
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Multiple IUI failures

Why Are Our Success Rates So High?

  • Use of the latest technologies
  • Maintenance of stringent quality control in the clinic.
  • A class 10000 air handling unit installed to provide cleanest air.
  • Five embryo culture incubators in the hospital.
  • Three laminar flow work stations to further purify the air.
  • Separate IVF zone with vinyl flooring, epoxy paint, joint less aluminium ceiling with clean room lights and stainless steel doors.
  • Separate IVF lab, Andrology lab, Ovum pick-up OT and Embryo transfer area.
  • Team of best doctors supported by efficient staff available in clinics.

When Do You Need to Undertake the Treatment of IVF?

You need to visit an IVF hospital if you have endometriosis, multiple IUI failures, unexplained fertility, or when you have damaged fallopian tubes. Also, several embryos can be created in one go and the other embryos can be frozen. These can be used if you want to conceive another baby or when the first cycle gets unsuccessful.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our IVF centre, located at Mira road centre uses the latest and modern equipment to treat our patients. We aim to provide maximum comfort to our clients and provide them with satisfactory responses. We have five embryo culture incubators in our hospital that facilitate quick fertilization. Apart from this, we are equipped with three laminar flow workstations to purify the air completely.

Patient hygiene and comfort is our primary concern and we have a team of experienced doctors that offer excellent and efficient treatments. Since this procedure involves many steps in between, we have a separate embryo transfer area, IVF laboratory, ovum pick-up OT, and andrology lab as well. 

A Variety of Packages

A variety of packages like IUI, Donor Embryo Cycle, 2 Cycle IVF, Donor Egg Cycle, and even ICSI are available. Based on your health condition, the doctors can advise you for selecting the right package. Providing services at a reasonable cost, we await your presence here!


AARUSH IVF & ENDOSCOPY CENTRE has set itself apart as one of the top leaders in IVF success rates. The success at our centre is 45 to 50% which is comparable with other centres throughout the world.

Check out what our patients got to say regarding the IVF Procedure

Mrs Mohini
Mrs Mohini suffered from Bilateral Tubal blockages due to tuberculosis . She had not conceived even after 5 years of marriage . After laparoscopic diagnosis and confirmation she underwent IVF  and conceived in her second attempt
Mr and Mrs Z
Mr and Mrs  Z   had undergone many cycles of IUI and the infertility was largely unexplained . They  were offered IVF which resulted in a successful
Mrs. Soni R
Soni R was a  case of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome . She had tried multiple cycles of Ovulation induction with pills ,injectable hormones as well as IUI but still failed to achieve pregnancy . An IVF was planned for her and she conceived in the second cycle with the embryos frozen in the first attempt

FAQ’s about IVF Treatment

It takes about 15-17 days for a cycle with follicular stimulation and procedures of egg collection and embryo transfer.

The egg collection is under anesthesia and the embryo transfer is absolutely painless procedure done under ultrasound guidance.

Rest is not recommended during the procedure. You can continue your normal activities and work.

There are several steps involved in IVF procedure: it starts with stimulating ovaries, then proceeds towards egg retrieval, fertilization, development of an embryo and finally embryo transfer. It is vital to opt for the best IVF centre with an experienced IVF doctor in Mumbai for this advanced treatment.

You can increase the chances of IVF success by taking good care of your health, relax and be patient. Make sure to read about the procedure and be mentally prepared for the same. Many top clinics in Mumbai also offer professional counselling before the IVF procedure. 

There is no set age limit for IVF treatment. It depends upon the quality of your egg and strength of the ovary too. However, the average age of women to undergo this treatment with their own egg is 33 years and the maximum age is 41 years.

Many IVF clinics claim that the IVF injections given during the course of the treatment may cause some changes and side effects such as headaches, tenderness of breast, mood swings, irritability, nausea and much more. The symptoms can vary from person to person.

Some precautions and alertness are must during an IVF treatment. Avoid red foods, sugar, highly processed foods, and refined grains during IVF pregnancy. Opt for a renowned IVF hospital in Mumbai for optimum IVF treatment.

Yes, there are cases wherein an IVF pregnant woman has undergone vaginal delivery. IVF treatment helps you to welcome a healthy pregnancy with optimum results. They are usually treated as high-risk labour cases too.

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