Intra Uterine Insemination Clinic

What is IUI?

IUI is the direct placement of processed, highly motile, concentrated sperms washed free of seminal plasma and other cells into the uterine cavity.

Who needs IUI ?

Any of the following conditions may benefit from IUI

  • Difficulty in vaginal intercourse for example due to physical disability or psychosexual problem
  • If a couple wishes to use Donor sperm
  • Male subfertility
  • Other causes like Cervical infections ,endometriosis in wife

Success Rate

This depends on various factors. On an average success with IUI ranges between 10 to 30 % per attempt.

Cumulative pregnancy after about 4 IUI cycles will reach somewhere near 50%. After 3 to 4 failed cycles of super ovulation with IUI , option of IVF or ICSI should be considered.


The IUI cost in Mumbai depends on the kind of package that will work best for you and the fees of doctors as well. IUI is comparatively less expensive when compared to other fertility treatments. However, insurance coverage can also play a major role in clearing the bills of your treatment.

When you visit the IUI clinics, you will get to engage and discuss your queries with the doctors. The sperm is injected using a catheter and this procedure is usually carried out around the time of ovulation.

Initial Investigations For Husband And Wife

Investigations for husband

  • Semen analysis
  • Screening for infectious diseases – HIV, HBsAg, HCV, VDRL

If the above are normal generally husband will not require any further screens .Further tests may be recommended based on particular case.

Investigations for wife

  • Blood for CBC, Blood Sugars, Prolactin , TSH, other hormones as per need .
  • Infectious screen – HIV, HBsAg, HCV, VDRL
  • Follicular study to check follicular growth
  • Tubal patency tests by HSG, Laparoscopy.

Further tests as per requirement.

Check out what our patients from Mumbai got to say regarding the IUI Treatment, in Our Clinic

Mr Banker
Mr Banker had low motility in his semen analysis and the couple had been trying for pregnancy since 3 years . Mrs Banker underwent follicular study in her natural cycle without any stimulation with medications and IUI was done at the right cost and at the time of ovulation and it resulted in successful pregnancy
Simran suffered from PCOD and had undergone multiple Clomifene cycles, but there was no ovulation. She underwent ovarian stimulation with injectable gonadotropins and timed IUI which resulted in positive pregnancy outcome.
– Mr P
Mr P had Azoopsermia which was not treatable. He and his wife consented to the use of Donor sperm for IUI and happily completed their family.

FAQ’s about IUI Procedure

IUI is a painless procedure. At times mild cramping can be experienced. Generally it is done at the time of ovulation when the cervix is slightly open and hence passage of catheter is easy.

Semen sample is collected at the clinic prior to the IUI . A sterile wide mouthed container is given .Sample is to be collected by masturbation at the centre in Specially designated Semen collection room . In case of difficulty , additional aids can be provided . It is also possible to collect the sample at home in the container provided by the clinic and get it in 20-30 mins

Usually you can have intercourse anytime after an IUI. In fact, it can be suggested to  have intercourse, soon after the last IUI to help make sure ovulation is covered.

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