Fertility Preservation: What Everyone Should Know

fertility preservation

Fertility Preservation: What Everyone Should Know

Fertility preservation services in Mumbai

Different factors have a great impact on women’s fertility. Some of these factors include cancer treatment. It does not matter what you are facing in terms of health conditions since there are many ways that you can use to preserve your fertility. For instance, if you want to postpone childbearing and get pregnant in the future, that is possible with fertility preservation. Therefore, in this blog, you will cover fertility preservation, so let’s cover what you should know about the topic.

What Is Fertility Preservation?

If you are a couple or a woman who wants to have a baby later in the future, this is the term used to refer to your treatment option. Mostly this treatment applies to those who have a situation that may put them in a situation that may make them lose the ability to get pregnant later. Once this happens, the preservation of embryos, eggs, and sperms so that you can get the opportunity to get your baby in the future refers to fertility preservation

In What Circumstances Is It Indicated?

Different circumstances may require medical attention to address the issue of having children in the future. For instance, egg freezing is applicable for the ladies who find it is not the right time to have children but are willing to have them in the future. Therefore if you are a woman and you do not know if you want to be a mother or not, with Fertility preservation services in Mumbai, you can preserve your reproductive capabilities until the day you decide.

Also, egg freezing is applicable when you have a disease like cancer, an ovarian problem, and other conditions that might interfere with your fertility.

What age is best for egg freezing?

Freezing your egg at any age than what is recommended by a specialist can reduce the chance of you being able to procreate in the future. It is because the quality or quantity of your eggs reduces as the years go by. 

How Long Can Eggs Be Frozen?

When your eggs undergo vitrification, they do not expire. Once they have vitrified, you can keep them for the time you want. However, you should note that the process should be done at the recommended age so that you can have the best quality vitrified eggs.

What Is The Treatment’s Pregnancy Rate?

In short, the egg freezing process increases the chance of getting pregnant via the Vitro fertilization process. Going with the general statistics pregnancy rate on average is about 60%.


Fertility preservation is one of the widely used procedures used to preserve your capabilities of getting pregnant in the future. The process guarantees you a future pregnancy, and its success will depend on your treatments and health conditions. However, with Fertility preservation services in Mumbai, you can understand the chance of your procreation in the future.

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