Freezing Eggs vs. Freezing Embryos: Which One Is Right For You?

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Freezing Eggs vs. Freezing Embryos: Which One Is Right For You?

The upgradation of technology in every field has made the day to day life much easier and simple for everyone. The medical field has helped men and women to deal with reproductive issues. With the new innovations being made, it is now possible for women to opt for options like egg freezing and embryo freezing. At present, numerous conceiving options are available for couples and single parents who want to delay their pregnancy. 

However, the thing that needs to be decided here is whether you should opt for embryo freezing or egg freezing. To get the correct guidance and know what will suit you best, you must visit the egg freezing clinics. Every procedure has some pros and cons that need to be considered keeping in view your medical condition. 

Egg Freezing 

As you visit an egg freezing clinic in Mumbai, the doctor will tell you about the process in detail where you need to be administered with 7 to 10 hormonal injections to facilitate the production of multiple eggs by the ovary. Once the fertile eggs are produced, these will be retrieved by the specialist with the help of a process called transvaginal ultrasound aspiration. These eggs are then frozen with the help of vitrification or slow freezing. 

Slow egg freezing involves storing the eggs in a container and lowering the temperature slowly to reduce the metabolic rate inside the eggs. Nowadays, a more advanced process is used called vitrification with which we can achieve 95% survival rates. . Vitrification, on the other hand, is ultra rapid freezing with a high cooling rate that no time is left for the formation of ice crystals. 

Advantages Of Egg Freezing  

The process of egg freezing does not require the presence of sperms and the unfertilized eggs can be stored for a long period of time. Another benefit that this process gives women is to preserve their fertility independently. It helps you to wait for the right time when you want to conceive. 

Embryo Freezing 

When talking of embryo cryopreservation, you will be administered hormonal injections for multiple egg retrieval. After the extraction, the eggs are fused with the available sperm to fertilize. The process of fertilization occurs in 16 to 20 hours. After the fertilization, the embryo is made to grow inside the incubator for development. These embryos are then frozen with the help of vitrification.

Advantages Of Embryo Freezing 

The process of embryo freezing and its cost in Mumbai or at some other place is quite affordable. You just need to visit the nearest clinic and make sure that you opt for the right treatment. Further, opting for embryo freezing will help in avoiding retrieving the eggs. During embryo freezing, the number of healthy eggs will be calculated. The success rate of embryo freezing is also high when compared to egg freezing. This indicates the fact that there will be greater chances of pregnancy. The embryo holds a much better and stronger structure since it is made up of more cells than an egg. On removing water and freezing them, it still holds a stronger structure. 


The kind of procedure that you will be opting for will depend on your reasons and goals. Egg freezing and embryo freezing, both are viable options and makes it easy for females to get pregnant when they wish to. Having good rates of success, you are free to choose a process that will help you deal with the situation better. 

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