5 Frequently Asked Questions About Egg Freezing For A Future Pregnancy

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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Egg Freezing For A Future Pregnancy

At present, several couples opt for a late conceiving process that makes fertility preservation an important issue for them. Several methods have been devised to help people achieve parenthood and stay happy. Techniques like egg freezing help the females increase their fertility and plan a family later in their life. You must visit some of the best egg freezing clinics to get an idea about your health conditions and what treatment could be afforded.

However, before beginning with any treatment options, you must consider doing all the research and clear all the doubts that stay in your mind. Some of the common questions that you must find answers to are mentioned below.

What’s The Best Age To Freeze Your Eggs? 

Based on the female body, there is a certain best age that is considered good for getting the eggs frozen. In general, fertility starts to decline after the age of 40 years. The right age that is said to be best for freezing your eggs is the late twenties. At this stage, the body is most fertile. Also, between the ages 30 and 35 years, egg freezing can be performed to help yourself with the process. 

If I’m Over 40, Is It Possible To Freeze My Eggs? 

Women today increasingly opt for egg freezing options if they plan to have a family later. It is also beneficial for single parents as well. Usually, the pregnancy rates start dropping after the age of 35. So, women are advised to adopt for the treatment earlier and ensure that they can be used later. However, if you wish to delay your fertility and go beyond 40 years of age then the only methods that you conceive from are using the donated eggs of someone young and healthy. 

What Is The Egg Freezing Success Rate? 

When you visit one of the egg freezing clinics near me. Medical science has advanced a lot and keeps on finding solutions to every physical health problem. The success rates right now are good but a common phenomenon observed is that the rates of success are higher in females than opt for egg freezing in their twenties as compared to later years.

What Is The Egg Freezing Procedure? 

The specialist will conduct some of the major tests before beginning the entire process. Once the tests and physical examination is clear, the doctor will treat you with some hormone injections to stimulate multiple ovulation inside the body. Once the ovulation takes place, the eggs are collected using general anesthesia and are frozen with the help of the cryopreservation technique. Whenever you wish to conceive in future, the eggs collected are thawed and simply injected with sperm. This is done in vitro and the embryo developed is placed inside the female body to let it grow into a fetus.

How Long Can Eggs Be Stored? 

Eggs can be stored for an indefinite period of time using the new techniques. Once stored, they can be fertilized after some years to help you with the pregnancy. 

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