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How ICSI Can Help In Infertility – Aarush IVF

At present, infertility cases are on the rise than ever before. A lot of this has got to do with the kind of lifestyle that people are leading today. Several couples deal with conceiving issues and are in search of a good specialist to get the desired help. Though the advancement in the medical field has helped people a lot to achieve parenthood and enjoy a healthy pregnancy. Numerous treatments like ICSI, IVF, etc. are available for treating both male and female infertility issues. 

What Do You Understand About ICSI Treatment? 

When you visit one of the best ICSI clinics in Mumbai, the doctor will let you know how important this treatment is to solve your pregnancy issues and how male infertility can be treated. An intracytoplasmic sperm injection is an extended form of In vitro fertilization where the single sperm cells from the male are directly injected into the cytoplasm of the female egg. Microinjection is used to induce fertilization. 

The micropipette facilitates the sperm cell to move towards the center of the egg and complete the process of fertilization. After fusion, the embryo is made to grow for 2 to 5 days inside the laboratory and is then transferred into the female’s body. ICSI treatment is usually recommended in the cases of male fertility. 

There can be several types of male infertility where the sperm may be absent during ejaculation or the sperm count may be less than normal. Other issues that may arise could be an abnormal morphology or structure of the sperm. It could lead to making it incapable of fertilizing the egg. There could be motility problems that could lead to conceiving issues. 

How Is The Process Carried Out? 

ICSI is an effective method to help treat male infertility issues and is recommended widely by specialists. Also, you must find a good and reputed ICSI clinic near you so that you can rely on them. Running thorough research helps in avoiding complications later. The entire process for carrying out ICSI is termed Micromanipulation. 

With the help of an inverted microscope, the single sperm cell is spotted and is picked up with the help of an ICSI needle. The expert uses a pipette to hold the female egg in one place and the sperm to be fused is immobilized. Using a very fine, delicate, and thin needle, the sperm cell is injected into the egg with utmost care. 

Once the sperm cell is projected inside, the needle is removed from the cytoplasm. Once this process is completed, the eggs are kept under observation for around 19 hours. The fertilized egg turns into the embryo and grows for 5 to 6 days before getting transferred into the female uterus. Also, the doctor ensures that the sperm being injected is entirely healthy and in a good condition to be fused with an egg. It helps in increasing the odds of conceiving. The ICSI technique provides medical experts with the opportunity to select the best sperm. It also eliminates the dilemma of whether the sperm has been fused. The process can also be brought into effect in case the IVF treatment fails due to some reason. 


If you have been dealing with conceiving issues for a long time then this is the perfect solution for your male infertility. Make sure you visit the best clinic in Mumbai and receive the correct guidance. 

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