How To Improve Egg Quality For IVF Naturally?

How To Improve Egg Quality For IVF Naturally?

For women who are trying to conceive either through the process of IVF or naturally have their primary focus on enhancing the quality of their eggs. When you get in touch with one of the best IVF doctors in Mumbai, you will get to know about various methods of doing it. The quality of gametes is the most important factor in determining the success of the pregnancy. 

You must visit a good IVF hospital in Mumbai to make sure that you have got the right directions and guidelines to take care of yourself. With the increasing age, the quality of eggs starts deteriorating, and therefore, many women also tend to freeze their eggs at an early age to use them later. 

The development of embryos after fertilization indicates egg quality. Enough chromosomes and their ability to combine with sperms are the characteristics of a healthy egg. After fertilization, the eggs require energy for dividing, which they get from mitochondria. The egg will not get enough egg energy for survival without it. Its production decreases with the increasing age. The egg with no sufficient energy will not be able to divide after fertilization.

How can you improve the quality of eggs?


The female egg quality is also affected a lot by the kind of diet she takes. Improving healthy eating habits can help your ovaries to produce high-quality eggs. You need to include green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet. It has been observed that egg quality is affected a lot by the consumption of refined carbohydrates. It results in a quicker breakdown of carbohydrates and causes a sudden spike in blood sugar levels as well. Therefore, it is advised that you should avoid eating excessive bread, pasta, and processed foods. 

Overall Health & Supplements 

BMI indicates your health status. You know about the variations of health with your BMI. For healthy women, it starts at 20 and ends at 28. You need a perfect BMI to keep your body fit and produce a good quantity of high-quality eggs.

Besides eating healthy, you need to take the supplement to accelerate the production of eggs in the ovaries. You can take Coenzyme Q10, fish oil, melatonin, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E to improve egg quality for IVF.

Stress & Lifestyle Management 

Reduce your stress which can be a cause of bad health conditions. It can affect the ovaries and overall reproductive health. To experience a beautiful journey of pregnancy, check on your stress levels and relax.

Nicotine is an element that is included in smoking and alcohol components. Therefore, you must avoid taking nicotine-rich foods as they can prove to be toxic for your egg cells as well. When caffeine and alcohol are consumed in excess, it can become harmful for your pregnancy.

You need to assess the development of eggs inside the ovaries. It is something crucial. You need to monitor the development of egg quality and the condition of ovaries. If you cannot become pregnant with in vitro fertilization, you need to check the quality of the eggs to measure hormone levels. Hormones like Follicle Stimulating Hormone, AMH (anti-mullerian hormone), and the count of the number of discernible follicles in your ovaries indicate egg quality. You must visit the best IVF hospital in Mumbai and make sure that all your queries get cleared. You should avoid getting into any complications and get in touch with a professional IVF doctor in Mumbai for better treatment.

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