Male Infertility: What Is It? Can It Be Treated?

male infertility specialist

Male Infertility: What Is It? Can It Be Treated?

Sometimes couples are not aware of who among both of them is facing fertility problems and it leads them to consult the best fertility specialists near them. Usually, society is in the habit of blaming women for not being able to achieve parenthood. However, males can also equally face symptoms of infertility. 

Usually, a male infertility specialist in Mumbai can help in diagnosing the actual problem and finding a perfect solution to it. Among women, diseases like PCOS, endometriosis, and blocked fallopian tubes are common while in men, issues like low sperm motility and low sperm count are common. 

The male infertility doctor will ask you certain questions and might ask you to provide your semen sample. It will help in analyzing the sperm count, their mobility, shape, and speed as well. It will help to know the root cause behind the issues of infertility. Male infertility, sometimes, becomes the hurdle in achieving the state of parenthood. It will take a certain amount of time to solve the problem and then only a couple would be able to conceive.

Proper checkup and diagnosis 

As soon as you reach the clinic, the doctor will make sure that you feel comfortable and relaxed. The specialist will run a complete check-up of your body and will help in taking the treatment further. The blood samples might be collected to perform some basic fertility tests. Further, if you are into the habits of smoking and drinking, it can also hamper your sexual health and can lead to poor fertility. Therefore, such things should only be done to a limited extent.

Conditions like azoospermia could be a potential threat!

As the name suggests, azoospermia is a condition where the male partner does not have any sperm count. This is a condition where the male may ejaculate but there is no sperm in the process of ejaculation. The semen hardly contains any sperms and therefore, no pregnancy is caused.

There are three types of azoospermia namely Pre-testicular,  testicular, and post testicular. In pre testicular conditions, the hormones responsible for the production of semen get hampered in their functioning which leads to the presence of no sperms at all in the semen. In the testicular condition, issues arise in the functioning of testicles. During the post testicular stage, there is some kind of obstruction present in the reproductive tract and issues arise during ejaculation. So, this leads to some of the major male infertility issues.

Present your medical history 

It is important for you to provide the doctor with your medical history as it will help in taking better decisions. The doctor will be able to see what treatments your body will be able to handle when diagnosed with a certain issue. The medical history will help the doctor to know what medications you have been on and still are and whether it will be good to keep continuing them for running the process ahead.

The lifestyle of an individual

The couples who want to achieve parenthood are advised to maintain their lifestyle and lead healthy life. When one partner smokes, the chances of conceiving are reduced significantly. Aside from that, being overweight or underweight can have a negative impact on your pregnancy. Any deviation from a healthy BMI lowers your chances of becoming pregnant.

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