The Silence Around Male Infertility

The Silence Around Male Infertility

Hardly any write-ups talk about male infertility. In addition to this, even the researches being carried out has focused more on female infertility. This gender-biased approach and lack of information have surrounded the issues of male infertility with several myths and misconceptions. The entire reproductive cycle of a man after ejaculation remains more of a myth or better to say remains in the dark in the light of the awareness regarding female infertility.

What Does the Stat Say?

Since the inception of IVF, the focus has remained around female infertility. The sheer ignorance is one of the reasons why hardly many fertility centres are dedicated to male. With sperm liability limiting to only 50% for effective fertilization, the research into the male element has been the least.

According to one of the doctors, because of the ignorance of the males from the research, women are held solely responsible for the entire reproduction. The stats stand disturbing.

With the IVF treatment cost in India touching approximately around ₹ 2,00,000 to ₹ 3,00,000, 98% of the treatment concentrates on female infertility. Why is it that even after developing so much in the medical world, the success rates of the IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) stands around 30%? Perhaps, something is lacking in the entire process. The failures in procedure not only dig a hole in the pocket of the couples but also leave them shattered.

Unspoken Approach towards Enhancing IVF Success

The success story of IVF is noted only when the fertilization takes place between a healthy ovum and sperm. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo a fitness evaluation and reproductive health check-up for both the male and female individuals. There have been cases where a couple pays for the entire IVF procedure cost and ends up with disappointment. Further research showed that systematic sickness had been the root cause of poor-quality semen. In addition to this, urological background and problems related to varicoceles too contribute to male infertility.

What needs to be Done?

Before concluding the IVF failure, a proper treatment solution needs to be undertaken. Some of the popular IVF centres conduct infertility workups to gather correct information regarding male infertility.

Common Myths and Misconception Dispelled

There are some common myths associated with male infertility that are as follows—

  • Irrespective of the centres offering cheap IVF in Mumbai, the success would be high only when the quality of the sperm is good. However, this stands to be inadequate in several instances
  • Like in the female, male infertility too depends directly on the age. Many people believe that preserving sperm by freezing is an inexpensive way to attain fertility when the time comes. But this is not true. IVF treatment cost in Mumbai does not include preserving and have the least means to do so
  • Smoking and drinking too affect male fertility. It is observed that fertility is reduced by up to 40% in males who smoke
  • Approximately 14% of the sperms in a normal male have healthy morphology, and hence the probability of a sperm fusing with an ovum stands at less than 1%


It is quite evident that if the trouble in conceiving exists, both the individual needs to be examined thoroughly. Proper counselling needs to be done on the ground, and the couple needs to consult a good centre for the entire IVF treatment in India.

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