What’s your IVF prognosis?

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What’s your IVF prognosis?

IVF is never the first step in the treatment of infertility except in cases of complete tubal blockage. Instead, it’s reserved for cases in which other methods such as fertility drugs, surgery, and artificial insemination haven’t worked.

IVF is a type of fertility treatment where fertilization takes place outside of the body. It’s suitable for people with a wide range of fertility issues and is one of the most commonly used and successful treatments available for many people, in Mumbai, India.

It involves collecting a woman’s eggs and fertilizing them manually with sperm in the lab. The embryo is allowed to develop for between two and five days and is then transferred back to the woman’s womb to hopefully continue to a successful birth.

Often several embryos will be created through fertilizing the eggs. In these cases, you can choose to freeze the embryos . These can then used if the first cycle is unsuccessful or if you want to try for another baby.

Who needs IVF?

  • When a female partner has damaged fallopian tubes
  • Endometriosis
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Multiple IUI failures

When Do You Need to Undertake the Treatment of IVF?

You need to visit an IVF hospital if you have endometriosis, multiple IUI failures, unexplained fertility, or when you have damaged fallopian tubes. Also, several embryos can be created in one go and the other embryos can be made to freeze. These can be used if you want to conceive another baby or when the first cycle gets unsuccessful.

Several criteria help your fertility doctor decide on how many embryos to transfer. One of these factors is your prognosis and likelihood of success with IVF. The following criteria lead to a more favorable prognosis with IVF:

  • Women going through their first IVF cycle
  • Women with good embryo quality
  • Women with excess embryos available for freezing
  • Women who have been successful with IVF previously

You should visit the best IVF clinic in Mumbai to get the right guidance and prognosis. 

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