Everything You Need to Know About Fertility Enhancing Surgeries

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Everything You Need to Know About Fertility Enhancing Surgeries

With the help of medical science, the best fertility clinic in Mumbai can treat and rectify a wide range of infertility issues. The regular function of a woman’s reproductive system is disrupted by specific infertility difficulties, which reduces the odds of getting pregnant naturally.

There are two types of fertility-enhancing operations done by male infertility doctors that treat and fix the specific condition while also assisting in enhancing women’s fertility.

What is Fertility Enhancing Surgery?

Fertility Enhancing Surgery is a type of surgery that helps women with infertility difficulties improve or regain their fertility. Fibroids, endometriosis, dermoid, adhesions, PCOD, and other infertility issues impair a woman’s fertility.

We can correct infertility issues in women using these operations and procedures. Expert gynecological surgeons treat and manage these disorders by selecting the appropriate procedure for the patient’s problem and general health.

Types of fertility Enhancing Surgeries:


Laparoscopy is a sophisticated surgical procedure used to identify and treat various problems. It aids in the diagnosis and treatment of various infertility issues.

It is a minimally invasive treatment that involves the insertion of a thin tube into the abdomen through a small incision. A laparoscope is a narrow tube with a light and a camera attached to the top.

The surgeon will soon be able to see any aberrant alterations inside the body. A tissue sample is sometimes taken to submit for a biopsy.


A hysteroscopy is a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure that examines the uterus lining and cavities for abnormalities. We utilize a viewing gadget with a light and a camera on top for this procedure.

A hysteroscope is a device that allows us to observe the uterine lining on a video screen. The tip of the hysteroscope is placed into the vagina and advanced to the uterus through the cervix during this operation.

A surgeon can search for possible abnormal changes in and around the uterus on the video screen once the hysteroscope reaches the uterus. With hysteroscopy treatment, several infertility difficulties such as uterine adhesions, polyps, or growths can be detected and addressed.

Surgeons or male infertility doctors can use laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to diagnose and treat a variety of reproductive issues, including:


Fibroids are noncancerous growths that occur in the uterus of women. They affect fertility and make it difficult to conceive. It is critical to remove fibroids, especially if they distort the uterine cavity, to restore fertility in women with fibroids.

Fibroids can be removed using either a laparoscopic or hysteroscopic myomectomy surgery. A physician gently eliminates the fibroids without disrupting healthy tissues in this technique. A patient can plan a pregnancy once the fibroids have been removed.

Uterine Septal Resection

Infertility, early labor, miscarriage, and recurrent pregnancy loss are more common in women with uterine septums than in those with normally-shaped reproductive organs. A septum can prevent sperm from reaching one of the ovaries or reduce the space available for a fetus to grow inside the womb. The removal of the septum can occasionally improve uterine health and increase the chances of conception.

The septum wall can be surgically removed to improve the amount of space in the uterus for a fertilized egg to implant. This form of repair has been proven in studies to improve patient reproductive outcomes considerably.

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